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The mentoring programme within the framework of LMUexcellent aims to provide career support for highly qualified, emerging young academics working towards a professorship.

Renowned and experienced senior professors in the various departments serve as mentors to promising upcoming academics. Mentors act as role models; they support mentees via individual or group sessions and advise them on how to best create and develop their careers and promote their own academic profiles.

Mentees network with each other across all the various faculties and departments, and can thus support each other in advancing their academic careers. 

A successful career in academia requires not only excellent academic achievement, but also skills and experience in people management, third party funding and university management. Mentees can therefore take part in training courses offered by the Office for Equality and Inclusion.

LMUMentoring is a member of both the European Mentoring Network eument-net and the German Forum Mentoring and works according to these high quality standards.

Prof. Dr. Kärin Nickelsen, Chair of the History of Science

Prof. Dr. David Roesner, Professor of Theatre Studies with a focus on Musical Theatre

Contact: Mentoring09@lrz.uni-muenchen.de